Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunny Boys. Wedding. Goodie Boxes.

It has been crazy. I don't know where my time has gone since my last blog post. We are 1 week to Christmas!!!!!!!
I promised to show pics of the gifts we gave to the teachers at school and kinder. They each received a post-it note pad and a sunny boy filled with Maltesers. 

The sunny boy idea came from Ruey. She made some for Creative Cardmaking magazine in Issue 14 or 15, using lovely patterned papers. I just tweaked it and made them using the KI Memories Sheers. Because they are plastic, the stickiest DST still didn't hold them down, hence the blanket stitching. You like?  :)

We attended a civil wedding, between Peter's cousin, Theo and his lovely new wife, Marina. It was held at the wedding registry at the Old Treasury Building. The ceremony is simple and to the point, the way I think all weddings should be. The bottom line, you love each other and want to be with each other. The ceremony is to formalise this union, and you have your loved ones there to witness it. It is so black and white. Don't people realise that when big weddings come into play, people turn ugly, relationships are strained, there's always someone else who wants to boss you around even though it is YOUR wedding. People lose sight of the meaning of a wedding. You try to make "things" perfect when you really should be perfecting your union. So what if you had a beautiful wedding (or a circus) .... if you are stressed, and you hate your family and relatives afterwards, and you made your bridal party miserable wearing dresses they don't like? And worse.... spend whopping tens of thousands of dollars where it could take a huge chunk off your mortgage! Peter and I promised each other, that we will not bother our kids with a wedding if they didn't want one (in fact, Peter will try to dissuade them, lol).

Anyways, I sidetracked. I brought my camera along to play, to experiment, and hopefully take some nice shots. Turns out, they didn't have a photographer on the day. Just everyone with their point and shoots. Peter's Auntie Julie, the nicest woman on earth, came to me and asked me to take a photograph of the couple together and Theo is her youngest son. I could never say no to this lovely woman. So to not disappoint, I started shooting, and shooting, and shooting, and became the inaugural photographer. Peter even said I became a Nazi photographer cos I was telling people where to stand, whose turn it was to take photos with the couple. LOL... I wasn't all that fantastic, to tell you the truth. No where near photographer standards (perhaps not even amateur), but I did manage a few nice shots, so I was very happy. 

Last week, I picked up some Scrapware Goodie Boxes from Ange (Scrapware). These are a new release and will be available to order from the website soon. I wanted to make these goodie boxes for the mums at school. The five of us have bonded very well and have become really good friends. It's a shame our kids will all split and go to different classes, and one of them changing school cos they have moved. But I sincerely hope we will all stay in touch and still be good friends.

All that is required are paint, 2 sheets of patterned paper and embellish to your liking. I bought those hinged jars from The Reject Shop at $1.50 each. You can fill them up with whatever you like! I bought chocolate coffee beans, raspberry bullets, strawberries and cream and mint M&Ms. The girls loved it.... I even managed to get one of them to shed a tear. hehehe... was supposed to be a happy moment, but she got really emotional. :) :)

We are done with our Christmas shopping a while ago.... very organised huh? Now I just have to wrap them up. I also have to finish the last 30 cards for Peter to give out. Sigh... crazy times ahead! I hope to come back soon to blog again... before Christmas.



Blogger Ruey said...

Love love love your sheer sunny boys....esp with the blanket stitching. was For Keeps Creative Paper lah!! Love your goodie boxes too...since you are a pro at doing them....can I give you my goodie box and you can jazz it up for me? Don't even have to stress about the jars and lollies because I want to store scrapping tools in them. whatdyasay???? kekekeke

December 19, 2008 8:26 am  
Blogger Lyndal said...

Love the cool boxes Mich :)

January 06, 2009 11:23 am  

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